Tourism in Tbilisi

Tourism in Georgia (Country)

Georgia is a country with vast Natural possibilities and beauties, The people, the Arts and Culture and most of all the tradition. The receptive nature of people of Georgia is overwelming. The beautiful modern built cities and the collections of the centuries etc. This is what makes Georgia beautiful, colorful and one of the most […]

Language in Georgia country

Spoken language in Georgia (Country)

Georgian language is a Kartvelian language spoken by Georgians. It is the official language of Georgia, a country in the Caucasus. Georgian is written in its own unique Georgian alphabet. Georgian is the primary language of about 4 million people in Georgia itself, and of another 500,000 abroad. It is the literary language for all […]


Facts About Georgia (Country)

Area: 69,700 sq km (N.B. 20% of Georgia’s territory is not under Georgian Government control.)Georgia Population: 4.4 millionCapital City: Tbilisi (population: 1.1 million)People: 71% Georgian (including subgroups of Svanetians, Mingrelians, Ajars), 7.7% Armenian, 6.5% Russian, 6% Azeri, 3% Ossete, 1.8% AbkhazLanguages: Georgian 71% (official), Russian 9%, Armenian 7%, Azeri 6%, other 7% note: Abkhaz (official in Abkhazia)Religion(s): Orthodox 84%, […]


Georgian Culture (Georgia Country)

Georgian culture evolved over thousands of years with its foundations in Iberian and Colchian civilizations, continuing into the rise of the unified Georgian Kingdom under the single monarchy of the Bagrationi. Georgian culture enjoyed a golden age and renaissance of classical literature, arts, philosophy, architecture and science in the 11th century.[168]The Georgian language, and the […]

Cities in Georgia

Major Cities in georgia

This is a list of the cities and towns (Georgian: ქალაქი, k’alak’i) in Georgia, according to the 2014 census data of the Department of Statistics of Georgia.[1] The list does not include the smaller urban-type settlements categorized in Georgia as daba (დაბა). The list also does not include cities and towns in the disputed territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Rank Name Name in Georgian Population […]


The capital of Georgia – Country (Tbilisi)

Tbilisi formerly known as Tiflis, is the capital and the largest city of Georgia, lying on the banks of the Kura River with a population of roughly 1.5 million inhabitants. Founded in the 5th century by the monarch of Georgia’s ancient precursor Kingdom of Iberia, Tbilisi has served, with various intervals, as Georgia’s capital for more […]